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AIS (Automated Income System) ( Make Up To $3,000 A Sale) -- Enter your name, email and optional phone number then Watch The Short Videos!

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URGENT..... AIS is making some big changes coming next month in March.

Notable Changes Include:

1) They are doing away with the Free membership.
2)  If you are a Engage or Starter member you will be upgraded to Silver at no charge!
3) They are doing away with member to member payments and will encourage everyone to use ORU for payments.

What this means....

This is a great opportunity to get in right now before the changes take effect. Why? Because right now you can come in at the Engage level for $39.97 and get upgraded to Silver next month For FREE! That's a $250 Savings!

Even better if you come it at the Platinum level for $997 you will be upgraded to Diamond For FREE! That's a $500 Savings!

Now I know not everyone can afford to throw down $997, but if you can this is a great deal. For those that can't I highly recommend coming in at the $39 Engage level and take advantage of the Free Silver upgrade. You can always upgrade to a higher level later when using your profits.

Regarding the payouts. Right now this is a two step pay member to member pay system where you pay a small admin fee and then pay your sponsor their fee. This has been working fine but with PayPal and Stripe shutting everybody down they have decided to go to a one pay system using ORU. If your not familiar with ORU learn more here.  In short it is a new way to pay and make payouts without the worry of being shut down. You are issued a pre-paid visa card with a 150k limit and everyone is approved. The cost is about $30 one time and then $5.95 a month. Way cheaper than other merchant account. Check out the ORU info. page and get on board. So the way it will work when they make the change is your customers will only make one payment and the AIS admin will pay you through ORU within 24 -48 hours.


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Hot New Bitcoin Program - BitcoinFrontiers -- Earn $1,000+ A Day

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Ol' Faithful: Easy1UP (Make Up To $1,000 A Sale) --
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