About Me

My name is Chad Franklin. I have been in the making money online game for over 15 years. I started off buying wholesale products and reselling on ebay. That was fun, but never made any real money.

Then one day as I was messing around on ebay and I noticed people selling "money making" websites and I noticed they were selling a lot of these. This was around the year 2002 when all of this was still fairly new. I had no clue about websites, hosting, domain names, etc. All I knew was that I wanted to do that. So I did some research and long story short I started building those cookie cutter turnkey websites and reselling them, this was much more profitable than what was doing before, I mean all it cost was the domain name and the rest was all profit.  This was all good for a few years but then every body started doing this and it got harder and harder to sell the websites. I was back to the drawing board, but not for long. I quickly realized that something all of these websites needed was traffic! So I got into the traffic reselling business, and have been every since. Now with that being said I no longer sell the crap traffic that you see 90% of sites selling, the money can be good but I have ethics and I am just not comfortable taking peoples hard earned money selling what I know is junk traffic. Today I only sell traffic from quality sources, the same sources I use to send traffic to my own websites and offers. This is where teaming up with me is good idea if your new or just want that extra advantage over the others. You see, with all the money making programs I have listed you not only get help from Team Mansell which is a great benefit in itself, but your also getting my help in sending quality visitors to your referral links.

So what are you waiting for... Come join me and let's make some money in 2019!

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