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If You Have NEVER Made a Dime Online, or if You are just looking to make some Easy Extra Cash, This is For You!

How This Works and How Simple It Really Is:

1) You sign up to be an affiliate with warriorplus (100% FREE) Earn 50% - 100% Commission! If you already have a warriorplus account great! We can also work with clickbank, JVZoo, or any affiliate platform that offers website traffic or make money online products. Warriorplus has a bunch and is proven to convert and work with our simple single page sites.

2) You send us your affiliate link and we place it into one of  these simple one page sales websites.

3) We promote your one page site!

4) You get paid.

It's Really that Easy!

Sample One Page Sales Sites Edited To Your Program: Click the Demos
When anyone clicks the action buttons it directs to affiliate links. Which could be yours!

Standard site See Demo

                                              Custom site See Demo                                                 Custom site See Demo                                                            


These are just a few options. We can make a simple one page money grabbing website for any affiliate offer!

Why do I need a single page website? The main reason you need a site like this is because warriorplus and other affiliate networks do not like the use of their direct links in email marketing, and the links do not load in frame break checks like most all safe lists use. We use a lot of safe lists in our daily marketing and these single page sites make it easy.

No matter what option you choose. We promote your single page site by placing your link into a rotator that we use for all of the related affiliate links for that program.  We promote these websites daily using our in-house list of over 250k, safe list solo ads, google ads, facebook, bing, yahoo, text ads at large networks, banners, etc.  We promote for you for 1 month minimum free. This is enough time to show that it works.

We also will include the best places we use to promote our single page sites so you can continue to make more money.

We Will Share a Secret Affiliate Source Gold Mine with Guarantee Approval!
This is 100% Free to Join and pays out 40% commissions. We can put your affiliate link from this program on your single page site giving you more opportunities to make even more money!


We have options for everyone to start making money. 

Option #1  Standard Sales Page $39
We host your simple one page sales site on a directory within our server. It will be a generic Make Money or Web Traffic page like the one seen in the demo.

All links will be replaced with your affiliate links and the text ads at the bottom will be removed.
Includes 30 days of promotion in our single site rotator.



Option #2  Custom Sales Page $79
We build your simple one page sales site on our servers using a custom domain name that you choose. We will register the name and host it on our servers. We will customize the page to the program or product your offering.

Includes 30 days of promotion in our single site rotator.
All links will be replaced with your affiliate links and the text ads at the bottom will be removed.



Monthly Campaigns For More Clicks
One Time Payment. No Monthly Subscriptions

You can use your affiliate links or any other link you are promoting.

Your website:

Your website:

Your website:


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